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Music is something you can hear. House music is more than that ! It's a feeling and everybody knows that it's deep in your soul ! HEAR IT, FEEL IT ! ---Ashton--- I'm going to upload my bootlegs, mashups and sometimes originals. If you're lucky, you can listen to a preview of my new tracks ! Ashton consists of Gilles De Neve, that's his actual name. Ashton is a young big upcoming talent from Belgium - Bruges. - 19 years old - DJ / MIXER / PRODUCER. The story began when he was 15 years old. He started spinnin the decks and became resident DJ of a local pub. They say that people talk a lot... and so they did actually. His name became bigger and bigger and so did the parties. He's still a student in Brussels. He plays in nightclubs etc. He also started producing and it seems that people like his sounds too. Booties etc. and originals keep coming ! SO STAY TUNED ! QUESTIONS , CONTACT ? You can reach me at: Bookings.ashton@gmail.com You can also reach us at my official fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Deejay-Ashton/447395335292943?ref=hl Please leave feedback on my booties, tracks, positive or negative, I just want your thoughts. Promote me and support me, Tell your friends about me. SPREAD THE WORD ! THANKS !

150 euro

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