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BOWMAN brings you the new wave and the synth pop of the 80' put into the modern atmosphere... With a combination of danceable and head nodding music the band sends a wall of sound your way. They accomplish this by combining raw exciting guitar riffs, tight basslines and beats with vibrant soundscapes. Through their songs you can hear echoes of such names as Depeche Mode, Interpol, David Bowie, U2, Joy Division. BOWMAN is the result of a musical quest. During several years the band experimented to settle eventually in its genre and there it has found its true place. The band members stand before you fresh and keen to tell you a story through their music. The content of the songs is not grasped out of the blue but forms a translation of worldly subjects. This allows you to drift away into the world of thoughts surrounding this band. The baritone voice of the lead singer might remind you of the serious tone which Ian Curtis shared with the world. The bass and drums take care of the backbone the vocals need.

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