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DarKo Vinni

DarKo Vinni AKA Tzjuddy Forton is a 22y/o upcoming Techno producer/DJ. His goal is making high level floorkillers for the European Techno scene. Dirty Perks, Pumping Kicks, Smashing Hi-hats and Snares with killer basses, DarKo is still a rookie but he is working hard to improve his skills. Stay close for this revelation technokid! He started making hiphop & rap music as Tjudee emcee, around the year 2010, 2 mixtapes and a couple of solo tracks came out, From this moment he started mixing & mastering his own tracks. And at the end of 2014 he is started producing Techno and it seems he finaly found what he realy want to do.

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