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DJ J.E.O.F. is a dj who plays all kinds of music, but has a love for house music. Since september he has his own radioshow on Topradio Aalter, every saturday from 20.00-21.00. J.E.O.F. started playing under the name dj Xcess in 2001. He first started playing techno, but after a while he changed his style to hard techno. He also loved to play hardstyle and trance. In 2005 he started playing @ Ma Rica Rokk Bruges where he began playing all kinds of music, but his love for house music always stayed. He played in several pubs like Break Café Bruges, Cirque Central Tielt, Liquids Zedelgem, Grand Café du Theatre Bruges, Kathedraak Bruges and is still plays @ Nano Bruges & B-In Bruges. He also has played at many party's (Kontakt, Demotech, KLJ, ...). In 2005 he also started his own party concept together with his brother. It was named Teknology, wich had names like Wout, Dave Lambert, Manu Kenton, Vinn, Voxter & Balance, ... In 2011 he hooked up with DJ Config from Topradio Aalter and started a new house project named 'Guess What?'. In april 2011 they already played at Culture Club on the CD release party of Josh Lasden together with Josh Lasden, Tète à Tète, Christopher,... In May Guess What? also started there own concept Houseworx @ Rector Gent with Neon, Josh Lasden, ... Together with Config, J.E.O.F. already made a lot off wicked mash ups. You can check them out on there soundcloud. Experience J.E.O.F.: Resident DJ Topradio Aalter, Nano Brugge, B-In Brugge, Ma Rica Rokk(Brugge) , Break Café(Brugge), Cirque Central (Tielt), Kathedraak (Brugge), Teknology party’s (together with DJ Wout, Dave Lambert, Manu Kenton, DJ Vinn, …), Houseworx (together with DJ Neon, Josh Lasden, …), El Futuro @ Culture Club (Gent), Grand Café du Theatre (Brugge), Liquids café (Zedelgem), Night of The DJ’s (Beernem), FX-Events DJ-Contest(1st), Tuning Nights Beernem, 't Putje (Oostkamp), Superprestige cyclocross VIP Tent (Overijse), Rotaract Afterworkparty 2012 (Brugge), Topradio Aalter DJ Contest 2011 (Publiekswinnaar); Avondmarkt Aalter Kadans 2012, Accent @ Vooruit Gent, Punta Est (Brugge), L’ Avenue (Eeklo), Creuseneuzeke Afterwork Party’s (Aalter), Night of the DJ’s Twidden Drempel (Zedelgem), Kontakt, Après-ski party 2007, Soirée Rouge (Beernem), Soirée Orangée (Beernem), Trance4Mation, Transation, Demotech, De Langste Nacht (Beernem), Café Den Hut (Beernem), Surfclub Zeebrugge, Reflex Battle of the DJ's, Night of the DJ's '(Zedelgem), Orange Crush (Beernem), DJ Contest JH Reflex (2nd) (Sint-Lievens-Houtem), Liquids, Rapid Samba, KLJ Beernem 1€ fuiven , KLJ Nacht van Beernem, Club Fiexx Concept, Touwtrekfuif (Beernem), Psyclops Six Flags Jammin' DJ's finale, The Zone, Bowling Stones Antwerpen, Bargehuis (Brugge), Multi-café (Beernem), Kanariefuif Beernem, Taste of summer Party, Scouts goes Crazy (Beernem), Topradio Aalter DJ Contest 2007 Finale, Topradio Westhoek (DJ contest Finale), Fuif 't Zolderke, The Noodlle (Beernem), Noodlle presents the Bassment, Jetbar (Beernem), The Cave, Toi & Moi (Beernem) & een heleboel privé-, verjaardags- en trouwfeesten.

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