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MC MessenJah

M'jah started as reggae DJ at the age of 13 (the year 2000), became an MC at the same age. He soon met DJ Fallus who introduced him in the local scene. After a while he started to flirt with other genres, trying out HipHop, Drum and Bass later. When Dubstep took over the Belgian party scene he felt a certain affinity because of it's close relationship with Reggae and Dub, MessenJah's original DJ and MC styles. He's still active in both scenes and will continue to perform as an MC to forward the music and support his people, who are the foundation of the whole musical movement. Mc MessenJah is affiliated with dj's and producers such as Point.Blank, Science, Giraffe Sound, Saimn-I, ... He is resident mc on the legendary Belgian Skankerz parties.


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