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MC The Joker

Biografie July 1992...a new pyscho crowdrocker was born. Exploring and discovering the world for his ultimate thrill, along the hard dance stream. Infected, bitten, like a lunatic he found his goal and became a vocalist. Tek, hardstyle, pounding techno, schranz soundwaves or even the sickest tech-house bassdrops are his domain. This music is his passion, his life, and when you hear his voice, you can feel the magic pumpin' through your vains straight to your brain. Resident & best known from Pro Jack, Pounding Senses & Shock Beats. December 2012, he joined the Pounding Agency. So...I rock the vocals, you rock the dancefloor. GAME ON! Inie minie mainie mo... This is what you get, An avalanche, that strikes With a kick-ass flow Behold, MC THE JOKER **PoundingAgency sponsored by PoundingSenses** **FOR BOOKINGS : dylanvanhaecke@hotmail.com** References : - Keep It Loud - Shock Beats (resident) - Jump The Bass - Sonidoz Tek - Hard Muzik Entertainement - Club Tropicana - Royal Deluxe (resident) - Hurricane (by Evolution Crew) - Pounding Senses - Summerdance - Beachland (Kick Da Bass Stage) - Trash My Stereo - We Love Beats (by Topradio) - Gentse Feesten Goes Hard - Hardcore Bassment (resident) - Pro Jack (resident)

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