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Raw, hard, sexy sounds brought to you from the eye of birds of prey, flying high...

MIND WOLF, until recently known as Bird of Prey, is a 3-member band founded by 2 brothers, Jan & Sam, at the end of 2013 in Jabbeke, near Bruges. Later, their nephew Arne joined the band. Jan and Arne had experienced some good years together with their punk rock band No Parking This Side Wednesday.

Their music is a quest for a balance between rousing solid straight forward rock and rather psychedelic dragging songs with influences from the 70's and stoner rock.

The band competed in some rock contests and was selected and played the final of Red Rock Rally, Bruges, 2014 and Road Rock, Kortrijk, 2018. 

At the end 2017, after a year of silence, they moved into the studio to record a 6-track EP, which will be released 1th august 2018.
Forester's House EP will be released under the new band name MIND WOLF.

BOOKING/CONTACT: mindwolftheband@gmail.com

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