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Shy Dog

Shy Dog is the solo project of Noah Melis (Bed Rugs, Borokov Borokov and Pascal Deweze).

Singer and drummer Noah put away his beloved drum kit during the break of Bed Rugs (founded in 2008) and experimented with a different set of instruments. What started as a quick self-study course in 'How to master multiple instruments' turned out surprisingly good and resulted in some extraordinary tracks.

Most of the tracks are homemade and to top them off, Noah invited producer Pascal Deweze (Sukilove, Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Broken Glass Heroes) to arrange the finishing touches. The record will be released in October 2017 by Caroline.

How to describe the music? The tracks are influenced by Devendra Banhart's chamber room pop, the eighties synths of Alex Cameron, experimental sounds by Pill Wonder and on top of that, the jazzy feel of Jerry Paper.

Live, Noah gets the support of Martha Amahieu (Blackie & The Oohoos, Flying Horseman), Quinten De Cuyper (Tin Fingers) and Niels Meukens (Double Veterans, Warhola).

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