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Soviet Grass

Dubbed as the resurrected tyrannosaurus rex, Soviet Grass does indeed strike an odd resemblance with this remarkable creature. Moving around carelessly and even harrasing people when nature calls upon them (sic: Jurassic Parc) with their loud and profane music. The T-rex doesn't follow any direction; it just makes up its mind as it goes effectively crowning it as the king of the cretaceous jungle. Translate this extraordinary behaviour into a musical four piece band and you get Soviet Grass. Although this quartet hasn't got anything to do with communism nor cannabis it does trigger certain emotions when hearing their music. "It felt like seeing (in this case hearing ofcourse) back an old friend of mine", says seventy year old Marjorie Tinkle. Indeed she is right about the atmosphere created by rhythm section Brecht (drums) and Niek (bass guitar). "It made me feel like my skull was being penetrated by good vibes and amazing riffs", claims fortyseven year old Butch Mable. That does come close to the extensive lead section of Robin (guitar). "Was that Mr. Mojo Risin back from the dead?" wondered little Timmy after hearing Nicolas's voice of an unicorn finding it's way through your heart and soul. Well quite frankly Timmy, it was. It was...

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